What Can We Offer You?

1st Signature Lending is a local Indiana company that believes happy, healthy people become the best people to work with. Our culture, pay, benefits, and dedication to employees’ career growth, create a unique and meaningful workplace, where we take ourselves lightly and our work seriously.  


By joining our team you’ll get all of this and more!


You’ll get full medical coverage, and access to online doctor’s appointments. No more having to get out of bed while sick!


Keep your teeth pearly-white with our dental plan. With a large network you’ll never have to drive across town to make an appointment.


Eyesight is important! Keep it in tip-top shape with our vision plan. Anything from new specs, to a routine exam is covered.

Health Savings Account

HSA’s are a great way to put some money aside for over the counter medicines, or save for surgeries. 


There’s few things better in life than a reliable paycheck. You’re on salary from day one. We also encourage a 40 hour work week. 

Fitness Incentive

Consider the gym your home away from home? We’ve got good news for you! Through our healthcare provider we’ll give you money each month just to go to the gym.